The Four Major Golfing Events

Attending one or all of the Four Major Golf Tournaments is quite the experience

The Reasons Golf is a Favorited Sport in Society

This insightful truth leads to the commonly asked question….. Who can play Golf?

The short answer of the inquiry is a broad statement. Golf is a game intended for anyone to enjoy.

The Benefits of Playing Golf

Golfers tend to have their own Golfing schedule. Individuals often begin their games over the weekend whereas some opt for mid-week games.

Regardless of the preference, the benefits of Golf are experienced any time or day it is played.

Get Ready for Your first Game of Golf

The game of Golf appears to be simple yet there are several complex rules and unspoken etiquettes that can spot a less seasoned Golfer from across the green.

When you are getting ready for your Golfing debut, plan to arrive prepared with all of the essentials you will need.

The Four Major Golfing Events

Golf is a sport that requires skill, accuracy and precision. There are Four Major Golf Tournaments that are held annually.

Participating in one or more of the Four Golfing Tournaments is considered an honor.

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The Science of Golf

The interesting thing about that fact, is the entire Golfing sport is based on Scientific structures. We know Science is in all aspects of life that we see, hear and feel. It is however a new concept to consider its effect on Golf dynamics.

3 Significant Tournaments

Established in 1934, The Masters is perhaps the most prestigious Tournament that is known for its exclusivity of participants.
U.S. Open
Governed by the USGA ( United States Golfing Association) since 1895, The U.S. Open takes place in June at various courses across the States.
Open Championship
Going back to the roots, the Open Championship is held at one of nine courses in both Scotland and England annually in July.