Beginners Guide to Golf Terms

Golf Terms are another part of the sport that might be confusing for beginners. If you are just starting to learn your way around the Golf course, it is important to learn the language of the land (or in this case the green). Golf terms are necessary as they describe aspects of the game or a specific action. If you find yourself smiling and nodding when you hear the words Hook or Slice, it is probably time to brush up on Golfing lingo.

There Seven general terms that every Golfer should know. As a beginner, you will find this quick reference Golf Term Guide to be helpful the next time you go Golfing. Understanding the basics will point you in the right direction of the Clubhouse.

Par – A Par refers to the expected score that is preset for players. The score is determined by the hole they are playing and judiciously the level of difficulty. The number of swings makes up the actual score on the card.

Golf Terms

Line of Flight – When you hear someone discuss a line of flight, they are depicting the actual path the ball took. If there is an obstruction to this line, the ball was unable to clear its direction. This is frustrating for Golfers and can at times be reconsidered depending on the nature of the obstacle.

Bunker – The surroundings of the Golf course may have some natural hinderances. Bunkers are a hollowed piece of the land that is comprised of sand or grass. This can be dangerous if the Bunker runs too deep.

Approach – There are many definitions and uses for the word Approach. In the world of golf, it describes the pivotal swing or shot towards the green. Whether your Approach comes close or falls short, it is how you play the game that counts.

Fat Shot – Every Golfer from Pro levels to beginner statuses have experienced what is known as The Fat Shot. That split second where you are searching for the ball in the air only to realize it is still on the tee is only half of the definition. The divot of earth where you swung and missed appropriately describes the entire scene of a Fat Shot.


Birdie – As discussed, a Par sets the number of swings for each hole. When a Golfer achieves the point with one less swing than the Par indicates, it is called a Birdie. In turn if they missed it by one it is referred to as a Bogey.

Hook – When a golfer perfects his swing or draw to the ball, they gain their own perception of space. A Hook is when a draw is overly exaggerated. When you someone talk about a slice it is the same as Hook however in terms of a fade versus draw.

These Seven Golfing words are commonly used and recurring terms. Learning to play Golf is a rewarding endeavor. Whether you Golf with others or on your own, you will enjoy every aspect of the outdoor sport.