Get Ready for Your first Game of Golf

Being invited to play some Golf can be intimidating when the only ball you’ve ever hit is through the mouth of a green dragon. The game of Golf appears to be simple yet there are several complex rules and unspoken etiquettes that can spot a less seasoned Golfer from across the green. When you are getting ready for your Golfing debut, plan to arrive prepared with all of the essentials you will need.

Getting Started

The first thing you want to do as the Tee time approaches is decide if you are going to rent clubs or purchase your own. It is not considered proper to share a set or ask to borrow your co-Golfers clubs during play.

Each of the clubs have a purpose. They are numbered and designed with easy to see size differences and shapes. The array of clubs in your bag will consist of the following:

  • Driver – Standardly used to Tee off at the start of the game. Once in a very great while, you can pull out the driver to hit a difficult shot from a distance. This is not recommended to do as a beginner.
  • 2-9 Irons – An easy way to remember which to use and when is the general rule of thumb. Lower numbers are used for the longer distances. For closer proximities lean towards the higher numbered Irons for a more accurate swing.
  • Wedges – You can use a Wedge when you have to move the ball in the air for a short distance. An example of this is when your ball sits lower than the ground or when it has rolled into the sands. Think of a Wedge as a way to pop the ball from its place while still maintaining from control.
  • Putter – It is time to pull out the Putter when you are on the green and ready to make your winning shot. If the ball ventures a very short distance from the green, you can still use a Putter with a bit of skill.

Golf Accessories

Additional items

Having the right equipment brings you one step closer to your goal. Looking the part will require golf shoes and ensemble that is topped off with a hat or visor to block the sun. A good pair of Golf gloves will help you grip the club handle. Experts suggest having a second pair handy for good measure. It is a common practice to mark the balls on the green. This is done by using coins of any variety, however foreign coins are the silent standard among Golf peers. Additional items you will need to be prepared include:

  • Spare wooden Tees
  • Rain jacket
  • Pencils
  • Pitch-Mark repair tool
  • Sunscreen
  • Case or pouch for personal items
  • Extra towels

Golf is a wonderful sport to participate in. Following cues from other Golfers will help you stay on schedule. After a couple of hours, you will feel like one of the pros on the course.