How Business Acumen Can be Developed Through Golfing

How Business Acumen Can be Developed Through Golfing
How Business Acumen Can be Developed Through Golfing

Golf, considered by many as an elite sport, can be a perfect activity to develop your business skills while enjoying some leisure time. To excel in golf, you’ve to master many skills which can also help you in becoming a better businessman. Patience, mental toughness, and not taking your success for granted are only some of them. There are so many lessons that you learn while playing golf, that can directly affect your business acumen. Not many activities can boast of providing you the time to introspect and relax at the same time. The beautiful landscape of the golf course calms your head and relax your brain cells while not making you lower your observation guard.

Similarities between golf and business

Golf is a complex sport. Not everything during a golf game is not in your hands. The only thing that you can do is giving your all and coming up with the best shot. The same is the case with business. You can’t control everything when it comes to business. There are so many external factors that you can only keep your eyes on, and then make a move. Not always your best shot would be good enough, but you’ll get more chances to rectify your mistakes. Also, one or two good shots in golf don’t win you the whole game. Business is also very similar to that. One or two good or bad deals don’t matter much in business. Consistently giving good results is the only way to succeed.

Being honest and disciplined

When you play a game of golf, no one is judging you from out or keeping the scores. It’s your job to keep the ratings and being honest to the game. When you’re a businessman, mostly your moves affect you the most. So, knowing when you didn’t make the right decision and owing it helps you to improve in the future. There’s a lot of time in a game of golf to strategize your next shot. This time helps you to build patience which comes in very handy while making a business deal.


Another apparent advantage that playing golf gives you is good connections. You’re more likely to meet people on high positions in different businesses on a golf course than at any other place. There are so many stories about how a business deal was started on a golf course. You can talk you someone more freely while playing golf than you’d ever do in a boardroom. Golf is a game in which during 4-5 hours you only make a few shots. You’re not always in the heat of the game competitiveness. Making bonds while playing golf is a thing that happens naturally without putting any deliberate efforts.

Starting your journey as a golfer

If you think that golf is a costly sport to take up, you might be wrong. Many golf clubs offer reasonable offers to their clients if you’re willing to take up the game for the long term. Even if you don’t find golf too appealing, you can still have a good time being a member of a golf club. And you never know, with who you might crack a business deal, so playing golf can never be a bad idea. Also, there’s no bar of age in the sport of golf. You can start playing golf in your teen years or take up golf after 50.