How Golf Became so Popular

Golf is a game that originated from stick and ball sports. Throughout history, precision was of particular importance. As a practice, sports would include some form of targeting. From archery to shooting, there was an air of honor for those who could achieve hitting their mark from farther distances. Interestingly, the ground game of Golf is not very different. The premise of the sport requires precise almost scientific accuracy to land the Golf ball into the desired hole across the green. Golf did not always have the putt, drive and range it has today. In fact, we almost did not have Golf at all. As with any modern matter, there is a story behind it that made it all possible.

The Game of Golf

Dating back to the Thirteenth Century, the Dutch used smaller balls made of leather and fill. They set a target of sorts several hundreds of yards in front of them. The goal was to hit it with as few attempts as possible. The person with the fewest try’s walked away the winner. As the Scots picked up the concepts of stick and ball in the 1400’s, it became more popular than what was rendered as sensible. King James II of Scotland recognized this and deemed the activity a distraction. He decided Archery was better suited and more useful for the people and military. The game was actually banned from then until 1502 when the treaty of Glasgow took effect.

Golf as a Sport

It became more recognizable as the Golfing sport we know in 1744. Actual rules were set and courses were designed that were specific to the game. They made holes in the ground as a refined target, they were handmade with rough edges making it exceptionally challenging. If you travel to Scotland, you can see the “Articles and Laws in playing Golf” along with the Muirfield club which has been antiquated as the oldest club known.

Golf Popularity

Golf Popularity by age

The soldiers and migrants from Scotland traveled to nearby lands bringing the game of Golf with them. The British Isles was the next region to adopt the game which began its global presence. In the Nineteenth Century traveling became more prevalent. Golf had made its way to further countries such as Australia, Ireland and Singapore. Royals and surrounding regions found it to be especially entertaining and it was dubbed to be both a competitive sport and a leisurely activity.

With its recognition spreading, rules of the game were modified to fit the times . Courses were created and equipment became developed that allowed Golf to expand. From its humble beginning on the hills, Golf has grown at an unprecedented rate. Currently there are 33,161 Golf facilities worldwide. Golf has reached eighty five percent of the countries around the globe.

Hole In One

Golf started as a game that has now become one of the most prestigious sports in the lineup. Whether you are a Golfing enthusiast or a beginner on the course, you are sharing in a tradition that has a fascinating history and culture.