Movies Every Golfer Should Own

The off season of Golf is the perfect time to catch up on your movie list. The periods through the year where the weather or circumstance keeps you from your game, you might be craving some time in the Golfing scene. Golf has gained an immense following throughout the centuries. When you combine the dynamics of the sport with movie magic, you just might find the cure to your Golfing withdrawals.  Whether you have a funny bone, sense of thrill or a drive for dramatics, there is a movie title to fit the setting. Golf inspired films have been around since the 1920’s to present with both a plot and a tee twist. Here is a list of favorites to put in cue until the skies turn sunny enough to walk the green.

The Greatest Game Ever Played

It would seem as if the title says it all, yet as the film depicts you can’t judge a book by its cover. In this storyline, you will meet a young gentleman, Francis Ouimet. A young worker with the heart for golf contends with his skill against the prejudice of his social status. An amateur who rises against the odds is an inspiration to Golfers around the world.


Caddyshack movie

Let’s face it, this classic albeit slapstick funny movie is a must watch for Golfers. The perception of each side of the course is humorously relatable. An extravagant Golf Club has a team of staff that is not as well off in the background. The daily doses of laughter are brought together with comedy greats such as Chevy chase, Bill Murray and Michael O’Keefe.

The Founders

Golf at one time was considered a Mans sport. Based in the 1940’s, women were not encouraged to take a sporty spotlight. This movie trails the efforts of thirteen women who planned and plotted their way through the lines. They had the smarts, savvy and skill to bring to the game and triumph. They were members of the Ladies Professional Golf Association who gained the attention needed to thrive on the course. The LPGA is the longest running association for Lady Golfers and is depicted famously in this film.

Tommy’s Honour

Journey back to 1866 at the Royal and Ancient Golf Club. The story is centralized around a father who is a well respected Golfer, tournament winner and founder and maker of equipment to play the game. He keeps the grounds at the course while teaching his son the Golfers way of life. Fifteen year old Tommy loved to Golf and had the talent to match. Wanting to do things his own way led to several disagreements with his father and ultimately a play for the win.

Movies with a focus on Golf will make you laugh and cry by the end. Just as the sport, Golfing plots bring an exceptional element to a Friday night movie marathon. Not to mention some might view it as a mental preparation for their own upcoming games.