The Benefits of Playing Golf

Originally known as a stick and ball game, Golf has been a sporting sensation for over a hundred years. When the rules of Golf were determined, a certain air of etiquette was established. The process of the game had a method and process that would gracefully evolve to a global scale. Golf is known to be more than a mere sport. It also hosts a variety of benefits that have a positive impact on our physical and mental wellbeing.

Getting out on the course is where it all begins. It is said once you step onto the green, the world on the outside vanishes even for an infinitesimal amount of time. Golfers tend to have their own Golfing schedule. Individuals often begin their games over the weekend whereas some opt for mid-week games. Regardless of the preference, the benefits of Golf are experienced any time or day it is played.


Stress Reduction – One of the genius aspects of Golf is the quiet nature that surrounds it. The calming atmosphere and focus on the task ahead helps to reduce stress. Once you begin a Game, your mind clears and worries are left at the door.  When it just you or even a group, a good round of Golf will take your mind off of the day.

Physical Activity – To maintain a healthy fitness level, it is suggested to have plenty of physical activity. Golf may not seem like a hit the gym sport, however it is definitely active. Muscles are utilized in a variety of ways. Arms, legs and core movements keep you in tip top shape. Walking the miles of the course and perfecting your swing burns as many calories as a daily workout.

Better Sleep Habits – Getting a good nights rest is one of the most important things we can do in the day. Whether you go on foot or use a golf cart, the fresh air will keep you invigorated. Expending that same energy will provide a more restful night. Staying active lets your body condition itself to get the sleep you need.

Heart of the Game – Motion and movement in golf is a continual process. An alternating juncture of subtlety to twisting turns assists the body’s circulation. This strengthens the heart with just the right amount of exercise. As the blood flows easier, it improves the overall health of the cardiovascular system.

Mental Acumen – With deep concentration on the Game comes the on the dot focus for every swing. The mind gains its own way of remaining alert and healthy. Hand eye coordination, balance and mental acumens work together throughout each game. When it comes to the brain, it is also a muscle that requires the same nourishment and exercise as the body.

The next time you are out on the course, you can think about all of the benefits of the Game. From Head to Golf shoes, you will experience an age old sport.