The Four Major Golfing Events

Golf is a sport that requires skill, accuracy and precision. There are Four Major Golf Tournaments that are held annually. These events offer Golfers an opportunity to compete on a championship level. The Four Tournaments attract thousands of observers who quietly anticipate who will win the well-respected prized trophy.

Sam Snead hits a putt with his signature putting style in 1970.(Photo by PGA of America via Getty Images)

Participating in one or more of the Four Golfing Tournaments is considered an honor. Golf is held in high regards as are the Golfers who play the game. Specific qualifiers are a prerequisite to be considered for a place in the competition. The rules of each specify if one can apply or if it is by invitation only. Prequalifying and local events help Golfers earn a spot on the invite list for one of these Four significant  Tournaments.

The Four Events

Masters – Established in 1934, The Masters is perhaps the most prestigious Tournament that is known for its exclusivity of participants. The only Golf competition to take place at the same course each year is an invitation only event. The Masters open each April at the Augustus National Golf club located in Augusta, Georgia. Only a maximum of one hundred invites are sent annually to players who have previously won, those who surpassed qualifiers and the individuals who rank within the top fifty Golfers in the World.

U.S. Open – Governed by the USGA ( United States Golfing Association) since 1895, The U.S. Open takes place in June at various courses across the States. It has a reputation for being the most difficult of all the tournaments for the challenging course set up.  The USGA has requirements and regulations that a Golfer must meet to have a chance to compete. The field is usually met with an approximate 156 players who have all completed the stringent guidelines to qualify. Amateurs and Pros alike can vie for a spot on the green.

Open Championship – Going back to the roots, the Open Championship is held at one of nine courses in both Scotland and England annually in July. Beginning in 1860, the R&A ( Royal and Ancient Golf Club) is noted as one of the oldest traditions in Golfs history. The set-up is the same as its companions requiring qualifying standards to be met by any of the 156 participants. The courses can be tricky with the sand bunkers and strong winds that are prevalent in these regions.

PGA Championship –  The Professional Golfers Association is an organization in the united States that are made up of instructors and Golfing officials. They divide the invitations with a set number of twenty reserved for club Pros and 136 spots for Golfers who meet the criteria. They do not offer a space for Amateurs unless they have recently won another Major Tournament. The PGA Championship occurs every August with a to be determined location.

Attending one or all of the Four Major Golf Tournaments is quite the experience. Suspenseful moments and the wonder of the sport come together with worldwide attention.