Tips on Finding A Golf Instructor

If you are interested in kicking your Golf game into high gear, it may be time to look for an Instructor. There seems to be many Golf gurus who are looking to teach and guide new students to a hole in one. As a Golfer you want to meet and exceed expectations on the course. An Instructor can make or break you, which is why it is so important to make sure you invest wisely. It is unlikely you will come across a friendly Golfer who wants to take you into the Golf hall of fame. You will compensate your chosen mentor with fees, time and potential recognition.

Separating the Greens from the weeds takes a certain amount of know how. This guide will help you sift through the crowd and make the best decision in your training endeavors. You will find a lot of offers on the tee from varying sources. Consider all of your options and weigh them carefully for the best outcome of your efforts.

Golf Instructor Guide

Look for Referrals – Your first step in finding a Golf teacher or trainer is to seek referrals from prior clients. Before you jump to a person’s raving review, ask a few questions about their experience. It is vital the student felt they moved forward from where they started. The aim of an Instructor is to improve the present with refined techniques for tomorrow.

Research Potential Candidates – Take the time to do a little research and find out what you can about your candidates. If they are a current trainer and have a completely open schedule, there may be a reason why. If all of their students haven’t simultaneously left for the PGA, it is safest to continue looking. Observe Golf teachers on the course with their students. Appearing antsy or impatient indicates they are fully invested in their session.

Accreditations and Certifications – Although it is not necessary to obtain licensing or certificates to teach on the green, it is a positive sign if someone went that extra mile. It shows they take their field seriously and will likely be as assertive in your Golf game. There are many who do not have the papers, yet they do carry years of experience and a proven track record which is equally beneficial as formal classes.

The Methods Test – Cutting edge aids and innovations may sound great in theory, however there can be too much of a good thing. Golf is conforming to an individual’s needs. If a trainer relies on technology versus your physical form and abilities it can be a red flag in their methods. It is good to understand the science behind the ball, the same as we need to know how our body moves. Sticking to the tried and true is a safer path to pave than relying on newer styles that may not fit your form.

Upon finding your Golf trainer, you will both work together to continually set the pace to achieve and succeed. You will gain your own style and techniques as you continue to grow with every swing.