What You Need to Know About Golf Fitness

Golf is a sport that requires a specific amount of strength and endurance to maintain. From the grip of the club to rigorous swing, there is a prominent amount of physical activity involved. The focus for proper exercise is generally given emphasis to high impact sports such as football or hockey. The truth is, Golfers need to stay just as fit to perform their sport. The difference of fitness routines are in the types of workouts they partake in regularly. Golf Fitness is not popular or discussed, however it should become a part of a Golfers repertoire if they hope to have a successful season. There is a long list of benefits both on and off the greens.

What are the Benefits of Golf Fitness?

Adding a Golf Fitness routine to the agenda will provide beneficial opportunities for the Golfer and their Game. The workouts do not need to be strenuous to be effective. In fact, Golf Fitness will be set with a great deal of balance between cardio and strength training. The physical benefits are perhaps the most important. Adhering to a Fitness regimen is proven to reduce risks such as cardiovascular disease, Heart Attacks or strokes and diabetes. A healthy weight can be maintained through a workout program that will also combat issues such as depression, skin disorders and additional ailments.

Golf Fitness will also improve a Golfers technique by providing strength, stamina and flexibility. It is common for Golf players to experience strains and injuries. The back, shoulders and hip area seem to be the main targets that are impacted. Through a Fitness plan, the ligaments and muscles are stretched and strengthened for endurance. Conditioning the body for the sport is imperative no matter what level impact it is classified in.

What Types of Exercises are in a Golf Fitness Routine?

  • Stretching – To keep your body safe during a workout, stretching is an essential before and after your exercises. This prevents pulls, strains and sprains of varying ligaments and muscle groups.
  • Cardio – Even though the average Golfer walks for miles each course, there is still a need for aerobic activity. The steady raise in heart rate helps to build endurance while burning unnecessary calories. Dancing, structured classes, cycling and yoga based programs are all beneficial.
  • Strength Training – Lifting weights does not need to extreme. Unless you are looking to bulk up, staying with low to moderate weight sizes are recommended. A Golfer will focus on specified muscle groups within an overall routine. Free weights or a bench with a bar will both work effectively.

Do Golfers Have a Specific Diet?

Individual needs will compensate hat type of diet a Golfer needs. It is smart to pair a healthy diet with a workout as it will feed the muscles and body the right nutrients. Golfers spend several hours walking and performing under the sun. Water intake and electrolyte monitoring are both important under those conditions.